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Finding effective natural hair loss treatments

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There are many treatment options available to treat hair loss, however not everybody likes the idea of using prescription medication. There is no way to completely cure baldness in all people, everyone is different and so what works for one person may not work for another. Some of the methods that we will look at below are natural treatments which have worked for some people.

Natural Hair Loss


This is where a blend of essential oils are applied to the scalp and then massaged in; they are left here for around 20 minutes. Aromatherapists believe that this stimulates the scalp and increases hair growth.


Some people lose hair because of a decreased blood flow to the scalp, massaging the scalp can improve circulation and improve blood flow to hairs. In mild cases of hair loss this might be enough to get your hair growing again.

You can also purchase electric massagers which have a scalp attachment. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese method of massage which has been used to improve circulation to the scalp.

Nettle Root

Nettles may sting you, but they can be pretty helpful. They are rich in a number of minerals and vitamins A & C. Nettle root extract can be used to inhibit 5-alpha reductase and has been used in Europe to some effect.

Saw Palmetto

There is a link between prostate problems and hair loss in men. Saw Palmetto has been seen to resolve benign prostate problems by decreasing levels of DHT in the blood.

Saw Palmetto is an anti-androgen and looks like a very promising treatment for preventing hair loss. Women however should not take this without consulting their doctor first.

Rosemary & Sage

These are two herbs which have been used extensively for some time. They are normally used externally and applied to the affected areas. Start by boiling the rosemary, sage, burdock, nettle and peach leaf in a saucepan. Now remove the leaves and use the liquid to wash your hair with, you must however let it go cool first.

Aloe Vera

This has been used by Native Americans, Caribbean inhabitants and Indians to improve the health of your hair. Aloe has wonderful healing properties and can balance the pH level of your scalp while cleaning it. Aloe Vera can be applied in a gel and used as a shampoo.


Although exercise does not directly improve your hair growth, it is recommended as it can improve eth health of your entire body. It will improve the efficiency of your body, and the circulation. This will also help with the digestion of foods and so as a knock on effect improve the health of your hair.

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