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Triggering out the Top Listed Reasons for Snoring

Snoring is involuntary and cannot be controlled by the person. He will not be aware of the episode and therefore cannot take any measures to control snoring. The person lying near you on the same bed will get irritated due to this illness as their sleep will be disturbed. In many cases snoring is a symptom of the underlying disease. There are many reasons due to which this symptom is produced.

Reasons of Snoring

Here I will explain you the top ten reasons due to which an individual can suffer from this ailment.

How does snoring occur?

Snoring is caused when there is an obstruction in the airway. It will be difficult to inhale as well as exhale air. When the tongue comes in contact with uvula and soft palate this sound is produced. It is disgusting and will drive your partner out of the bed. When your muscles are weak, this ailment rises up in people. Here are a few reasons due to which snoring is produced in human beings.


Excessive fat deposition in the body can lead to snoring. In such individuals fat accumulation around the neck region apply pressure on the airway especially in supine position. The pressure exerted on the throat blocks the airway and results in snoring.

Alcohol and other beverages

If you are a person who consumes alcohol everyday, snoring is inevitable. Consumption of alcohol and other pills relaxes the muscles of tongue. This leads to snoring as the air passage is blocked.


Researches and studies have proved that people who suffer from sinusitis also tend to have snoring. The sinuses are filled with phlegm and drainage is not proper due to which the air path can get obstructed. Smoking will increase the condition and cause more trouble to the person. It is advisable to stop smoking to prevent snoring.


In such cases treatment will not be effective as the person has got the problem in their genes. You can make a difference in the intensity of the condition. No treatment will be able to get rid of snoring in these individuals.


If you do not use the correct pillow it can cause snoring. Do not use a pillow which is larger in size as it can cause obstruction of the air canal. People have a habit of using two pillows while sleeping. This will increase the pressure around the neck region and produce blockage in the air passage.

Allergic Complaints

People who have allergies are more prone to have snoring. They always have congestion and irritation in their nose and find difficulty in breathing. The only option to get rid of your complaint in this case is by taking proper medication for your allergy.

Fatty food

Avoid fatty foods like milk, dairy products and other substances which will produce accumulation of mucous in your respiratory system. Excessive accumulation of mucous is also a reason for snoring.


Males are more commonly affected by this illness than females because they have a narrow airway. In females the air canal is wider than males which decrease snoring to a considerable extent.


People develop the habit of snoring when they start touching their old age. The throat becomes narrow and dry. The muscles of the tongue and throat get weak which result in this complaint.

Sleeping postures

Some people can have snoring due to their sleeping postures. Try sleeping on sides to decrease your ailment.

Snoring is not a minor problem and can often be a symptom of heart attacks and other cardiac disorders. Take treatment at the earliest to ensure the safety of your life.

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