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Stress Reduction with Stretching: How far is it true?

Nowadays people are under constant stress and strain. The world is being competent and people thrive to live in the highly developed society. Stress is unavoidable and it accompanies you in every place. Let it be your job, family or studies, stress is present everywhere. The intensity of stress taken by an individual can vary accordingly but it is always present. People are desperate to know about measures to decrease stress in their life? I am here to explain you how stretching and stress is related? Many have asked me whether stretching will help to decrease stress in their lives.

Stress Reduction

I am a psychiatrist by profession and have seen many patients in my clinic suffering from stress induced problems. Exercise has seen to be effective in controlling stress to a greater extent. They are simple stretch outs which can be beneficial in conditions when you are highly stressed and tensed. There are many typing exercises for your fingers to tackle stress in computer professionals. Continuous typing on keyboard can lead to many health problems. To prevent this you can adopt these simple methods into your daily routine.

Stretching of back muscles is found effective to decrease the amount of strain which is build up in the back. The muscles get relaxed and give you more energy to keep your work going in a steady phase. Do not maintain a single posture for a long period as it is harmful for your body. Continuous standing or sitting will cause negative impact on your body. To avoid such situations make sure to get up and walk or stretch the back muscles and calf muscles after a period of time. Yoga is also advised for many people as it is the ultimate stretch out to reduce stress.

Yoga is useful to calm your mind and relaxed. They have a dual action, which is on mind as well as body. A person who does yoga everyday will have a sound body and an alert mind. If you are a beginner then start with simple exercises to stimulate the hidden energy in your body. Do not indulge in smoking or alcohol when under high stress as they all take away the pains only for few hours. Stretch every body part when you feel tensed and do breathing exercises. All this will help to decrease your stress and strain and get back on your feet again.

There are many websites and guides available on net which will guide you in the right direction. You can even get free information regarding the exercises and can follow them in your life. There are many places where you understand the different stretching exercises which will help you in reducing stress. Do not indulge in heavy weight training because they will not be helpful in tackling stress. Go in for simple and effective methods and feel the difference in life. Suggesting these methods has brought considerable relief in my patients. They are now able to deal with stress better than before.

Stress is common and present in every individual. You should know the methods to tackle stress and maintain the quality of your life. Simple stretching exercises are there to help you out of this difficulty.

Learn How to Grow Taller Naturally in 5 Easy Steps

Are you one among those who are desperate to grow taller? There are many situations in life when you feel the need to increase a few inches. Are you aware of the fact that you can actually increase your height using natural methods? Well, it is not easy but it is still possible to grow taller even if you have crossed your age of development. Where there is a will, there is always a way and the same is applied in this case. If you are determined and stubborn on increasing your height, you can achieve it easily.

Growing taller secrets

Let me explain you a few methods, which will help you in growing tall

  1. First plan your daily diet in such a way that there is no place for nutritional deficiency to happen. Amino acids, carbohydrates and proteins play an important in increasing your height. Supplement your meal with green leafy vegetables, salads, and fruits, which will give your body all the essential vitamins and minerals. Strictly follow a healthy diet as they trigger the growth hormones and they are responsible for your height.
  2. Sleep is one of the best remedies to make you tall. I will explain you the logic behind this statement. It is noted that growth hormones are distributed evenly in the body during sleep. This concept is still a secret and many are not aware of this fact. Therefore, practice it as a habit to take a proper rest for 6 to 7 hours daily.
  3. Exercise is mandatory if you want to increase your height. You need not do heavy exercises like lifting weights. Simple stretching techniques are the best ways, which helps to stimulate your growth process. Spend 10 to 15 minutes daily in doing backstretches, push-ups and sprinting, which will show effective changes in your height within a few months. All these methods help in elongating your muscles and bones and gradually help you in growing taller by 1 to 2 inches.
  4. You can always appear taller by the way you dress. Certain designs and materials have the tendency to show off height. For example, people of short stature can use striped shirts as they make you appear tall and steady. In the cases of females, using tall hats and pointed heels will help a lot in increasing their height. Carry your attitude wherever you go, as it matters a lot to keep you apart in the crowd.
  5. Always walk and sit upright as this is the best posture, which makes you feel taller. Do not bend or stoop which is disgraceful and awkward. It is an illusion in regards to height but helps in many situations. Do not adopt pills and tablets available in today’s market and injure your body with harmful chemicals. Even though surgeries are present to make you taller, do not go in for any invasive procedures. The most common side effect of surgeries is that it makes the bones brittle. A small injury will be dangerous for you after such an operation.

Do not worry more about your height as they are natural methods to make you tall and smart. Practice these simple tips in your daily routine and experience the difference.

5 Practical Tips to Encourage Your Children to Get Into Fitness

Today getting children into active lifestyle has become into a big challenge for many parents. Of course, there are some children who are just a fan of sports and always ready to do daily exercises what we cannot say about other kids.


So in this article, I’d like to highlight some practical tips you may take into consideration to provide your children’s overall health:

Practical tip # 1:

Find something interesting for your children.

The first and most important step to always keep your child active is to offer them something that they are interested in. Some kinds of sports can be a fun and at the same time great activity for them. For example, you may encourage your child to get into basketball, volleyball, soccer, bowling, softball, or kickball. Many children are interested in these kinds of sports.

But if you child is shy it may require you more patience to discover what he does like and would like to get involved in. For this purpose, try to pay attention to what sports his / her friends are doing. This can be the key to get your kid into certain activity. You may encourage him/her to join his/her friends and play team sports games like basketball, volleyball or soccer. Also you may ask his/her friends to get your kid with themselves to their sports club or other sports events they are involved in.

Practical tip # 2:

Do yoga with the family

Yoga is the best kind of sports for me, as it allows you to rejuvenate not only your body, but also the entire soul and brain. Especially train your child to combine physical jogging and meditations from their early ages. That will not only strength their body and soul, but also will improve memory and brain development. Besides, yoga is the best natural remedy against any stress and depression.

Especially if parents are doing yoga, little ones will likely want to join them too. They are getting interested when they watch you doing this or that pose. Jogging exercises are useful for both weight loss and body. Not to mention even its other health benefits such as calming and relaxation.

Do yoga in a special room isolated from all sounds, mentioned just for these exercises. Yoga will help your child improve their concentration as well.

Practical tip # 3:

Stay yourself active to show your kids how beneficial active lifestyle is!

Kids are learning best by example. So first try to show them how active you are every day and they will most likely repeat what you do! Kids like to imitate adults, particularly their parents. So if you sit around all the time, your children will more likely do the same. But if you are involved in entertaining physical activities with all family, how your kids can stay away from this fun? This will keep their life healthy and interesting. All children want to be at the centre of attention and thanks to such kind of family events they get what they want and need

Practical tip # 4:

Never pressure on your children.

In this way, they may not only get involved in any exercise, but even may hate any kind of sports. So try to encourage your kids without applying any force on them. Being a parent is an art and creative work indeed. The best parents are those who get their kids into any activity or event so that they really love and enjoy it.

Practical tip # 5:

Go for a walk with your children on a regular basis.

Such kind of pleasant exercises is beneficial both for parents and children. You will get rid of the daily routine and relax, when your kids will have a nice time, simultaneously working out their body. Besides, every parent should not forget that daily walking is vital for everyone, especially for kids to provide their organism with abundant oxygen.

Especially go for a walk just after the rain when the air is fresh and rich in ozone which is very beneficial for total health.

In one word, always keep your children active to maintain their health!

5 Useful Ideas for Working Out With What You’ve Got

Working out at home can be challenging, especially if you do not have a very large home or a lot of money to spend. Joining a gym may be out of the question for some of the same reasons purchasing exercise equipment might not be possible. With a little innovation and creativity, you can use what you have already got. No matter you are a stay at home mom or working in the office from 9 AM to 6 PM, you can make a weekly schedule regarding regular physical activities.


Useful Idea # 1:

Go for a walk.

First of all, the outdoors is one of our biggest tools. This may not always be possible in bad weather, but in the better weather, we can walk, jog or even use the outdoors to do tummy crunches, jumping jacks and things like that.

Walking is probably one of the best forms of exercise we can do. It is something we already naturally do and there are no negative effects to walking. Jumping jacks and jogging are not for everyone, but if these are things you can do, you should consider doing them in your backyard on a nice warm day (if possible). As you see, if you are a bit creative you may turn outdoors into gym for yourself and combine walking and other types of exercises. Jogging in the fresh air is particularly something useful and enjoyable. I myself like to do yoga sitting on green grass and breathing fresh morning air rich in oxygen. This exercise and plus meditation will bring your body vital energy and full relaxation.

If you have steps in or outside of your home, you can use them too. Even if it’s just one or two steps leading into your front door, you can use the steps to step up and step down. Remember the old stepping workout videos that required you to buy the plastic building steps? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to spend money because your home already came with them!

Useful Idea # 2:

Use half gallon milk jugs to work out at home.

Saving half gallon or gallon milk jugs can be very effective in weight loss and fitness because you can fill them with your own weights. Some people suggest using soup cans, but I don’t like that idea because I feel like they are difficult to hold. Personally, when I work out (if I’m doing it correctly), my palms sweat and a soup can to the big toe just isn’t my cup of tea. The half gallon milk jugs are an excellent idea because of the handles.

Useful Idea # 3:

Consider Tummy crunches to get rid of that belly fat.

Tummy crunches are still very effective for flattening the belly. Make sure you are lying on a solid surface and make sure that you’re holding your body and hands in the right position so that you’re not at risk for damaging your back.

Useful Idea # 4:

Watch fitness videos or related TV programs.

You can also purchase fitness videos or if you have cable or dish, a lot of times you can catch fitness episodes on the TV. Otherwise, you can rent them from the library or the movie store too.

For conclusion, I should note that all the above mentioned ideas are only a few of multiple things available for those who are too busy to go to a gym or spend more time at home. Only your imagination and creativity can the limit to the quality of your current lifestyle. In other words, just use your fantasy to get rid of daily routine and work out on a regular basis in order to get and stay fit at any age. Look around! You will find out that ideas are everywhere. Just pick and apply what you like!

Useful Idea # 5:

Work out with your friends together.

It is recommended to get your friends into this schedule too to stay motivated. You may even organize joint sports events or trainings with your friends and their family. The other great idea is to hold various entertaining competitions on a regular basis.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Walk

Walking is beneficial in so many ways. It’s good for heart, our body and overall health. It’s one of the easiest and most accessible forms of exercise we can do. Most people already walk around all day, so why not us? You can easily burn fat and can get rid of that excessive unwanted calories.

Walking for fitness and weight loss

Here are top health benefits of walking:

  1. Walking is an excellent way to manage your weight.

    There are many negatives with a lot of different exercises, but walking doesn’t have any. In fact, you can walk as much as you want, have time for and are able to. It’s a relatively easy exercise that you can do almost anywhere (even back and forth in your hallway at home) that’s good for your whole body, not just one part. In addition to a 30-60 minute walking on a daily basis, you are also walking throughout the day, which means you’re working out constantly.

    Using a pedometer can be beneficial because we now know that we should be walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day in order for walking to be beneficial to us. Putting your pedometer on in the morning as soon as you get up will let you know how many steps you’re taking. You can make it into sort of a game and try to beat your previous walking record(s).

  2. Walking can help to prevent from diabetes and heart disease.

    Keeping your weight within healthy limits can help lower your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Walking can also help to control your blood pressure and can be even more effective than some medications (with no side effects).

    People who walk regularly also are at lower risk for heart attack. In fact, they are 30 to 40 % less likely to have a heart attack than someone who does not walk regularly for exercise!

  3. Going for a walk helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.

    We hear a lot of hype about bad cholesterol, but we also need good cholesterol. Regular walking helps to reduce bad cholesterol while giving us more of the good stuff we need.

  4. Regular walking can be helpful in the reduction of risk for stroke.

    Another health benefit of regular walking is the reduction of risk for stroke. Specialists believe that a 30-60 minute walking at least five or six days a week can cut our risk of stroke by 50 percent.

  5. Regular walking can minimize the risk for breast cancer.

    In addition to walking cutting the risk of diabetes down, it also can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Walking, paired with a low-fat diet is the way to go if you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy!

  6. Going for a walk on a daily basis make bones stronger.

    It also makes our bones stronger, gives us more energy and makes us feel good and sleep better. All-in-all, walking is hands down the best exercise there is. Almost everyone can do it and it is so good for us, you’d be crazy not to!

  7. Daily walking is the best natural source of oxygen.

    Every cell and tissues of our organism needs the necessary amount of oxygen in order to promote all our body organs to normally function. Fresh air is all-important for everyone, from babies to adults. Especially go for a walk with all your family just after the rain when air is rich in ozone that is very beneficial for total health, including activity of the brain. Let your baby breath in as much oxygen as he can.

  8. Walking is the best work-out for lazy people.

    Really, many lazy people choose this kind of sports as the main part of their weight loss program. Daily walking really works for everyone, even for the laziest people. The popular health expert Paul Bragg who died at the age of 95 because of surfing accident, recommended walking to everyone who wanted to live healthy and long life.

As you might know, Paul Bragg was giving lections in many countries of the world. Therefore he spent his daily life mostly in hotels where he didn’t sleep unless he walked in the corridor for minimum 30 minutes a day.

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