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Greatest Steps Involved In Preventing AIDS

AIDS is the most deadly disease and anyone who is found to be HIV positive becomes very liable to many small and mild ones too. Your body’s immunity weakens up. It is not able to fight with the attacking bodies. It is your responsibility to be cautious in whatever you do to prevent it. Prevention is better as this disease has no cure at all. HIV blocks the protection provided by your body from the foreign particles. The primary protection can be done by having safe sex. The exchange of body fluid is the major medium of its transfer; hence use of condoms is advisable.


Never use a used syringe for injection. Always opt for fresh disposable ones available in the market. If you need to undergo a blood transfusion, then be careful. Ensure that the blood is approved by the government. Some people have misconception that it might spread by shaking hands or touching. The fact is that it is no way related to it. You should know the initial symptoms of the disease. Public awareness plays a vital role in the process. Many educational programs are being run on television and newspaper which talks about the hazards related to it.

aids prevention

Many school and colleges teach their students how to protect themselves from AIDS. A stranger can pose danger for your life. Never have physical relationship with whom you don’t know and without condom. Don’t try to save your money by using the infected syringes. It can take your life away. So, use a disposable sterilised needle. If you have any sort of doubt about it, contact your nearest health centre. Get a medical check up done. Always screen the blood that you are going to transfuse. People working in and around health centres should carefully handle the body fluids.

The meaning of body fluid is not just limited to blood. It might be anything like semen, pre-ejaculate and breast milk. They all are responsible for transmission. It consists of various forms of free virus. Till now there has not been any cure of AIDS. Some natural methods or allopathic medicines can increase the life span. Colloidal silver or gold act as a natural dietary supplement. They are very safe to use and does not harm your body. It has no side effects. The infections occurring in the body are reoccurring in nature. It becomes prone to minor cold or cough. Keep a track of all your body symptoms and reaction.

It is you who can stop yourself from getting infected. The virus that causes the infection can spoil the body response mechanism. They can integrate with the host DNA. Your small steps to avoid the risks can be very fruitful. Gather maximum possible knowledge on prevention of AIDS. Many online sources can guide you well. The liquid supplements can strengthen your immune system. They regulate the hormonal balance too and fasten up the treatment process. Preventing the disease can save your entire life. You need not struggle with the disease.

Top Rated AIDS Awareness Programs

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a terrible disease which has afflicted millions of people worldwide. This syndrome is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV); it destroys the immune system of the body making you vulnerable to other foreign agents and particles. In spite of millions being spent on research every year, this disease remains to be evasive without a permanent cure or vaccine.

AIDS awareness programs

We all know AIDS is spread through different ways but the most common one still remains unprotected sex. The only way to prevent contracting AIDS from your partner or sexual companion is to use a condom. Though not hundred percent foolproof, this is the only method which has been highly successful in controlling the spread of this disease. Prevention is the only key to stay safe of this dreaded disease; hence, there are hundreds of AIDS awareness programs and campaigns conducted all across the world to awareness among the public. Listed below are a few of these which have become highly popular for their creativity to continue educating the public on the use of condoms.

  • Bubble Campaign – This AIDS awareness campaign by Denmark’s AIDS-Fondet was targeted to fight against stigmatization associated with the disease. It shows a person walking inside a balloon wearing a t-shirt which is inscribed: Prejudice is one of the worst side-effects.
  • Catch the sperm – This widely acclaimed program is from Switzerland and is actually a small game created by This game was an instant hit especially among youngsters and is still downloaded by many.
  • Condom ringtone – This ad campaign, launched very recently by the BBC World Service Trust and Bill Gates has become very popular creating much awareness in the society. This ringtone was downloaded by a whooping number of people and continues to be heard even today.

Aids protection

  • Condom tree – This is a brilliant AIDS awareness program that is carried out in Australia. In order to promote the importance of safe sex among the Aborigines, NCHS placed new condoms on river gums and eucalyptus trees; thus making this highly effective contraception available to all.
  • Human hour glass – This ad campaign from France was designed to inform public that at least one person dies from AIDS every ten seconds. It shows a large human hour glass which is visually eye-catching and very appealing.
  • Take out a condom – This is an AIDS awareness program that was showcased in Brazil on the World AIDS Day. Huge posters carrying the word ‘AIDS’ was propped up all across the city; the catch was in the condoms that decorated this word. Hundreds of people expressed solidarity by interacting with the poster.

Wonderwoman aids poster

  • Where is AIDS – This is yet another highly popular AIDS campaign bought out in Brazil based on the theme of the book, ‘Where’s Waldo?’
  • Protect Yourself from AIDS – This campaign was started in France on the night before the World AIDS Day 2007. Hundreds of bicycles with pink saddles were lined up which carried the significant message – And you, what do you do to protect yourself?
    Statue of Sorrow – This one from Canada features a woman’s statue inscribed with the words, ‘AIDS is still around’.

AIDS continues to be a harrowing and horrible disease to strike our society; it is not more campaigns that we need but more people who are receptive to the meaning of these campaigns.

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